Sunday, 16 March 2014

Conversion charts for knitting and crochet

Thanks to the internet, there is a world of patterns out there for the taking. Of course, one of the problems with this is that patterns from around the world have their own set of measurements and terminology, which can leave you stumped. What's a US number 7 crochet hook in millimetres? What thickness is 4 ply yarn?

To help with these questions, here's a handy printable guide that includes conversion charts for yarn thickness (from UK, US and Australia), knitting needle sizes (millimetres, old UK and US), crochet hook sizes (millimetres, old UK and US) and crochet terms (UK and US).

The knitting needle chart also includes lace needle sizing (often used in doll knitting patterns), so you can know what size a 00000 knitting needle is.

( print it out, just click towards the top of the document. It will then open the PDF in a new browser tab/window.)

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